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Sweepstakes steps

Have you ever tried to sell a product or service without letting people know about it?

I am sure, that many of us have something which would be of a great use for the people, but simply can’t find their target audience. Social Sweepstakes for Facebook is the key to spreading the word of mouth online. Promotion of goods can happen in various ways. For example, you can create a Page and just post useful information for a target audience. Then, you can advertise your page on Facebook, on Google, or promote single posts one-time. But one of the best promotion secrets is starting a Facebook contest, or Facebook sweepstakes. Many online sweepstakes applications are expensive for a small business owner. But did you know that you can’t just run a Facebook promotion using wall posts or likes, or comments? You have to do that either outside of Facebook, or develop it as an application. Looks complicated, you will say. If you don’t want to pay fortune and don’t want to violate Facebook promotion guidelines and Platform Policy, you don’t have any way out? With Social Sweepstakes you do, because it is an application and it is completely free.

How does it work?

You just have to upload 2-3 images with information on them what you want to promote and anything else you want to share with your contestants. One image is for non-fans of the page, whom you thus encourage to like the page first, and then proceed. The second image is for fans. here you tell them what exactly they need to do to enter sweepstakes. And when they proceed, you show them the third image with thank you graphics or any further information. That’s all! Should you have any questions, ask us on

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